The Crises of NEXT

The Crises of Next

The uncertainty of NEXT breeds FEAR

Who knows, tell me, about tomorrow? Do you know, with certainty, how the next relationship will turn out to be? The Next moment, course of action, day, relationship etc is always (more often than not), unpredictable. It is a mystery. And this, ladies and gentlemen, creates a momentous crises; the crises of next.

To understand this better, we will consider the concepts of PAST, NOW, NEXT, FEAR and FAITH. These concepts are intertwined, nay, conjoined.

The Crises of NEXT breeds despair. The PAST is always clear, for we have outlived it. And most often than not, it matters less when facing the NEXT moment. NOW (the current moment) obscures NEXT. It overshadows NEXT. Present evidence and state of affairs will always overshadow NEXT. NOW makes NEXT dreadful. What a pain it always is to face NEXT!

NEXT is gullible and vulnerable. It is shaky, convulsing and unstable like a house built on quick sand. NEXT breeds FEAR. And so, in order for NEXT to feel safer, she borrows from NOW and PAST.

Let’s go deeper!

To cushion herself, NEXT gives birth to FEAR. And since FEAR calls for a companion, it begets FAITH. FAITH is a product of FEAR. FAITH, thus, reduces the anxiety of NEXT.

Verily, verily, he who has FEAR must beget FAITH. FAITH is an armor of NEXT. He who has FEAR of NEXT must have FAITH, for FAITH is hope in the unforeseen.

PS: This article is inspired by TD Jakes’ sermon on “The Crises of Next”

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