Extole, nay, stammer when talking of her

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When you get her, talk highly of her. In fact, stammer when speaking of her. Walk besides her, always. In fact, her name must be engraved in your heart with an indelible mark. When we see you, we must see her.

And when she is lost and people are looking for her, they will find her in your house. For she found refuge in you. You must stand up for her. When there are social upheavals and uprisings, she must find comfort in your arms. With a hearty embrace, let her forget about everything else.

Be her embodiment, her taste is yours and yours hers. All else may perish but not her. And if you must be crucified, she will be nailed with you. Let all depart from you but her.

It must be in the public domain that you are conjoined, identical twins; inseparable. What a sight to behold and a dear one to hold!

This one you have chosen choosely. Others settled for less. But as for you, you ventured out to look for a companion and you conquered her. She gave herself to you. You are under firm instructions to nurture, water and flatter her. Cajole her. Uplift her.

Worthy you found her from among many. At the pulpit, others vowed: “for better, for best; in health and wealth”. Ooops! But as for you did you avow thus: “for better, for worse, in health and lack”. You did not mince your words. You must walk the talk.

Eat, drink and wine from her serving at all times. Do not be like a chameleon to change with times as time changes. You will be lost. She will depart from you. You will be a dishonorable lot, an outcast.

Therefore, seek her and pursue her. Songs of her praise must not depart from your lips. Every morning, wake her up and sooth her. During the day, check on her. At night, sing some lullaby to her. In fact, set aside one hour per day to be with her, exclusively.

And when you have lived long enough and your love has blossomed like the lilies of the botanical garden, always step aback a little and watch her, lest people confuse you for a mad person. Yes, examine her to see the scars you have inflicted on her. Has she hurt you? Is your love for her a yoke which you must put asunder? I bet not. To the contrary, you will thank her for yourself for having stood by her thus far. Subsequently, you must then hasten and put her back to your dominion!

Thus, your love story for what you value, your virtue, will be complete.

The virtue you have chosen is your love.

You must hold your virtue fondly.

This virtue will make you a person of high standing.

Guard your virtue jealously!

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