How to Overcome FEAR

Does it give you goosebumps when you think about it? You should probably do it.

Face it head on like the Ninja you are.

Go right ahead, full throttle, holding nothing back. Go big on it.

Leave no corner unstonned (see what I did there?).

Hammer the head on the nail (see again?).

The best way to conquer FEAR is to CONFRONT it.

In fact, make fear your friend. Invite her, then dethrone her.

The huge the fear, huge success beckons.

Once you wrestle her, move on to the next.

And when approaching fear, avoid the naysayers, soothsayers, the Sadducees, Tobias and Sanbalats.

In plenty they come.

They are Preachers of Death!

Avoid them, Son.

Fear is an indication that you are taking new actions.

Its absence shows that you are in your comfortable cocoon.

When you start taking NEW actions, fear will be your companion.

Seek and embrace FEAR.

Fear talks. When you experience it, it is a sign that you must take action at that very moment, NOW.

Do not take time to overthink how to approach it.

Actually, FEAR is a two-edged sword; it will tell you what and when to do, it also tells you what and when not to do it.

Nobody promised you a smooth sailing, Daughter.

If it is easy, everybody is doing it.

You like easy?

Is that what you signed up for?

Thick melancholy visits upon the weaklings, the fearful.

Fear subdues and enslaves.

Thus, break the yoke.

Set thyself free.

This earth owes you nothing, nothing absolutely!

In fact, you owe it a lot for hosting you. For feeding you.

You will know you have won when you will have the audacity to face FEAR.

That day will be your day of deliverance.

That very day will you be among the warriors.

And true historians will reserve a page or two for you.

History will be kind to you.

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